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How to download pictures from our Web page. 


  1. Click on the Thumbnail of the picture you wish to save to bring up a full size view of the photo.

  2. Right click on "Save Picture as...", this should bring up "My pictures" as a place to save them then change the file name to suit yourself and click "Save" You may wish to place them elsewhere as you can control the printing process a bit better, just remember where you put them.

  3. Use your graphic software, "Paint Shop", "Adobe", or what ever you have. Remember you have at least one graphic software program that came with your Windows software, it is called "Paint", so if you donít have anything else, use it to open, resize and print your picture. If you want a good quality print try to print at 720 dpi and use photo paper. 

  4. Whichever graphic software you are using you must print the picture in the "Landscape" view. This is done by clicking on printer "Properties" and selecting "Landscape". The exact process will vary printer to printer, but with a little searching you will find it


If you get stuck send an e-mail to webmaster and I  will try to help you.